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Employee Work Schedule Template Excel. However, you can customize the spreadsheet to print to other sizes and orientations (by changing column widths and font sizes and/or using excel’s. This simple weekly work schedule template has a column for employee names and assignments followed by columns for each day of the week, including weekends.

How To Use Project Work Schedule Template In Excel Excelonist

How To Use Project Work Schedule Template In Excel Excelonist from www.excelonist.comContact me regarding customizing this template for your needs. An employee schedule template is a calendar for a specific time period with employee names and shift times. This reduces the risk of confusion and forgetting some things that ought to be done.

Creating an Employee Work Schedule Template in Excel
While I cannot directly generate an Excel file for you, I can guide you through creating an effective employee work schedule template using Excel’s features.

1. Setting Up the Worksheet:

  • Columns:
    -Employee Name
    -Employee ID (Optional)
    -Day of the Week
    -Shift Start Time
    -Shift End Time
    -Break Time
    -Total Hours Worked
    -Notes (e.g., vacation, sick leave)
  • Formatting:
    -Use cell borders to create a clear table structure.
    -Consider color-coding shifts or days for better visualization.
    -Format time cells appropriately.

2. Data Entry and Formulas:

  • Employee Information: List employee names and IDs (optional).
  • Dates and Days:
    – Enter the date range for your schedule.
    – Use the TEXT function to automatically fill in the day of the week (e.g., =TEXT(A2,”dddd”)).
  • Shift Timings:
    – Manually input shift start and end times.
  • Break Time: Enter the duration of breaks.
  • Total Hours Worked: Use the formula =(End Time – Start Time – Break Time) * 24 to calculate total hours, ensuring time cells are formatted correctly.
  • Notes: Include any relevant information like vacation or sick leave.

3. Additional Features (Optional):

  • Drop-down lists: Create drop-down lists for shift timings to ensure consistency and ease of data entry.
  • Conditional formatting: Highlight cells based on certain criteria (e.g., overtime hours, weekends).
  • Totals: Calculate total hours worked per employee or per day using formulas like SUMIFS.
  • Charts: Generate visual representations of work hours or employee schedules using Excel’s charting tools.

4. Template Reusability:

  • Clear data: Create a template sheet and then duplicate it for each scheduling period. This allows you to clear data easily while maintaining the structure.
  • Data validation: Use data validation to restrict entries and minimize errors.


  • Freeze panes: Freeze the header row and employee name column for easy scrolling.
  • Save as template: Save your finalized schedule as a template for future use.
  • Consider online tools: Explore online scheduling software for more advanced features and collaboration.

Remember, this is a basic guide. Tailor the template to your specific needs and preferences.

Tired of scheduling with excel?

We’ll explain how to adapt it to your needs in just a few steps. For the average manager or supervisor, micrsoft excel can seem a little. We have four employee shift schedule templates and templates to plan our your employee work weeks. For example, you may have a waiter who works in the bar sunday afternoons but in the.

Employee Work Schedule Template Excel :

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