Free Fundraiser Order Form Template

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Free Fundraiser Order Form Template

Organizing a fundraiser is a fantastic way to support a cause you’re passionate about, whether it’s for a school, charity, sports team, or community project. To streamline the process and maximize your fundraising efforts, a Fundraiser Order Form Template is an essential tool. This template helps you efficiently collect orders, track donations, and ensure everything runs smoothly. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using a fundraiser order form, its key components, and provide a free template along with answers to common questions.

Why Use a Fundraiser Order Form Template?

A Fundraiser Order Form Template simplifies the process of managing orders and donations for your fundraising event. Here’s why it’s a valuable tool:

  1. Organized Data Collection: Collects all necessary information in one place, making it easier to manage and analyze.
  2. Efficiency: Speeds up the process of recording and tracking orders, reducing administrative tasks.
  3. Professionalism: Provides a polished, professional appearance to your fundraising efforts.
  4. Accuracy: Minimizes errors by providing a structured format for data entry.
  5. Accessibility: Offers an easy way for participants to place orders and contribute to your cause.

Key Components of a Fundraiser Order Form Template

A well-designed Fundraiser Order Form Template should include the following components:

  1. Event Details: Include the name of the fundraiser, date, and contact information.
  2. Donor Information: Fields for the name, address, phone number, and email of the donor.
  3. Order Details: Sections for listing the items or services being offered, including descriptions and prices.
  4. Quantity: A space for donors to specify the quantity of each item they wish to order.
  5. Payment Information: Include options for payment methods, such as cash, check, or online payment.
  6. Total Amount: A field to calculate the total amount due based on the items ordered.
  7. Delivery Instructions: Section for specifying delivery options or pick-up details.
  8. Special Requests: Space for any additional instructions or special requests from the donor.
  9. Confirmation: A confirmation section for the donor to sign or initial, verifying their order.
  10. Thank You Note: A brief thank you message to show appreciation for their support.

Free Fundraiser Order Form Template

Here’s a free, customizable Fundraiser Order Form Template you can use for your next event:

[Your Organization’s Name]

Fundraiser Order Form

Event Name: [Insert Event Name]
Date: [Insert Date]
Contact Information: [Your Phone Number] | [Your Email Address]

Donor Information

Name: _______________________________
Address: _____________________________
City, State, ZIP Code: ___________________
Phone Number: ________________________
Email Address: _________________________

Order Details

Item Description Price Quantity Total
[Item 1] $[Price] [Qty] $[Total]
[Item 2] $[Price] [Qty] $[Total]
[Item 3] $[Price] [Qty] $[Total]
Subtotal $[Subtotal]
Tax (if applicable) $[Tax]
Total Amount Due $[Total]

Payment Information

  • Cash
  • Check (Payable to [Your Organization’s Name])
  • Online Payment (Link: [Insert Link])

Delivery Instructions

  • Pick-up at Event
  • Delivery (Please specify address): _____________________________

Special Requests

[Include any special instructions or requests here]


I hereby confirm that I have placed the order as detailed above and agree to the total amount due.

Signature: ___________________________
Date: _______________________________

Thank You!

Thank you for supporting [Your Organization’s Name]! Your contribution helps us [briefly describe the impact of the fundraiser].

FAQs About Fundraiser Order Forms

1. What is a Fundraiser Order Form?
A Fundraiser Order Form is a document used to collect orders and donations for a fundraising event. It helps organize and track contributions effectively.

2. Why should I use a template for my order form?
Using a template ensures consistency, saves time, and reduces errors in data collection and management.

3. What information should be included in the order form?
Include event details, donor information, order details, payment options, delivery instructions, and a confirmation section.

4. How can I customize the template for my event?
Customize the template by inserting your event details, item descriptions, pricing, and payment information specific to your fundraiser.

5. Can the order form be used for both physical and online fundraisers?
Yes, the template can be adapted for both physical and online fundraisers. For online events, you may integrate the form into your website or use an online form builder.

6. How do I handle payments collected through the order form?
Ensure you have a secure method for collecting payments, whether it’s cash, check, or online payment. Keep accurate records of all transactions.

7. What should I do if I receive an incorrect order?
Contact the donor promptly to clarify and rectify the order. Keep a record of any corrections or adjustments made.

8. How do I track and manage orders?
Use the collected order forms to compile and track orders. Consider using a spreadsheet or a database for larger events to manage and organize data efficiently.

9. Can I use the template for recurring fundraisers?
Yes, you can reuse and modify the template for recurring events. Update the event details and item list as needed.

10. What if I need additional features in the order form?
If you require additional features, such as automated calculations or integration with payment systems, consider using advanced form-building tools or software.


A Free Fundraiser Order Form Template is an invaluable tool for organizing and managing your fundraising efforts. By using a structured and professional template, you streamline the process of collecting orders and donations, ensuring a smoother and more successful event.

With the provided sample and answers to common questions, you’re equipped to create an effective order form tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re hosting a charity auction, a school fundraiser, or a community event, a well-designed order form can help you achieve your fundraising goals and support the causes you care about.

Free Fundraiser Order Form Template :

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