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Friday, November 17th 2017. | Sample Appeal Letter
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Parking Ticket Appeal Sample Letter

Your Name:
Your Address:
Your Phone Number:
Your Email Address:


[Name of Issuing Authority]
[Address of Issuing Authority]

Re: Parking Ticket Appeal – Ticket Number [Your Ticket Number]

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to appeal the parking ticket [Ticket Number] that was issued to my vehicle, [Make and Model of Your Vehicle], with license plate number [Your License Plate Number], on [Date of Ticket] at [Time of Ticket] at [Location of Ticket].

[Choose ONE of the following reasons for your appeal and provide supporting details]:

1. Error in Issuance:
Explain why you believe the ticket was issued in error.
Example: “The parking signs in the area were unclear or obstructed, leading me to believe parking was permitted.”
Example: “I was parked in a designated loading zone while actively loading goods, which is permitted for a limited time, and I was within that timeframe.”

2. Mitigating Circumstances:
Explain the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from complying with parking regulations.
Example: “I had a medical emergency and had to park quickly to seek immediate medical attention.”
Example: “My vehicle broke down, and I was waiting for roadside assistance.”

3. Other:
Clearly state any other reason why you believe the ticket should be dismissed.

[Provide Evidence – If Applicable]:

I have enclosed supporting documentation to validate my appeal, including [list any supporting documents, such as photos, receipts, medical documentation, police reports, etc.].

I kindly request that you consider my appeal and dismiss the parking ticket. I am confident that upon review of the provided information, you will find in my favor.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Signature]

[Your Typed Name]

[List any enclosed documents]

Important Tips:

  • Be Polite and Respectful: Maintain a professional tone throughout your letter.
  • Be Clear and Concise: State your case succinctly, providing specific details and avoiding unnecessary information.
  • Provide Evidence: If possible, include supporting documents to strengthen your appeal.
  • Meet Deadlines: Submit your appeal within the specified time frame outlined on the ticket.
  • Keep Copies: Retain copies of your appeal letter, evidence, and any correspondence with the issuing authority.

Fighting That Parking Ticket? A Sample Appeal Letter That Works. Discovering a parking ticket on your windshield is never a pleasant experience. While it might feel tempting to simply pay and move on, you have the right to appeal if you believe the ticket was issued unfairly or in error.

This guide provides a clear path to crafting a successful parking ticket appeal letter:

Why Appeal a Parking Ticket?

  • Avoid Fines: Successfully appealing a ticket can save you money.
  • Justice: If you believe the ticket was issued unfairly, you have the right to challenge it.
  • Record: Appealing creates a formal record in case of future disputes.

Before You Appeal:

  • Read the Ticket Carefully: Note the violation, date, time, location, and any instructions for appealing.
  • Gather Evidence: Take photos of the parking signs, road markings, or any other relevant factors.
  • Check for Common Grounds for Appeal: Unclear signage, faulty parking meters, medical emergencies, vehicle breakdowns, and errors in ticketing are often grounds for dismissal.

Crafting Your Appeal Letter:

  • Formal Header: Include your name, address, contact information, date, and the issuing authority’s information.
  • Ticket Details: Clearly state the ticket number, license plate, date, time, and location of the violation.
  • Reason for Appeal: This is the heart of your letter. Be concise and specific about why you believe the ticket should be dismissed.
  • Example (Error in Issuance): “The parking signs on [Street Name] were obscured by tree branches, making it impossible to see the parking restrictions.”
  • Example (Mitigating Circumstances): “I had to leave my vehicle to seek medical attention for a sudden illness.”
  • Supporting Evidence: Clearly list any enclosed documents, such as photos, receipts, or medical records.
  • Polite Request: End by respectfully requesting the ticket’s dismissal.

Additional Tips:

  • Act Promptly: Submit your appeal within the deadline stated on the ticket.
  • Stay Organized: Keep copies of all documents related to your appeal.
  • Be Persistent: Don’t be discouraged if your first appeal is denied. You may have additional appeal options.

While there’s no guarantee of winning every appeal, a well-written letter, supported by strong evidence, significantly increases your chances of success. Take the time to understand your rights and present your case effectively.

Parking Ticket Appeal Sample Letter :

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