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Business Card Proportions – The size of a business card isn’t something most people think about — until they need to print it. Even business owners who have done this before tend to forget about the standard business card size when it comes time to come up with a new design.

What most people don’t realize is that there is really no universal standard for acceptable business card dimensions. Rather, it varies from region to region. The common denominator of most accepted size standards is that the card should fit snugly in your wallet.

Business Card Proportions

Business Card Proportions

If you deal with foreign clients or have international offices, creating business cards that match local standards can show appreciation and cultural awareness. This article will discuss everything you need to know about business card size options around the world, complete with some basic business card printing considerations related to size. Join us on our global tour of business cards!

Exploding Map Business Card Size

If you do business primarily in the US and Canada, you will find that most business cards are 3.5″ wide x 2″ high (or 89mm wide by 51mm high if you’re not in an imperial mindset).

Business cards in the UK and most Western European countries are mostly 85 mm x 55 mm (about 3.346 x 2.165 inches). This is roughly the size of a typical credit or debit card, which is 3.37 x 2.125 inches (85.6 x 53.98 mm).

Australia and New Zealand, along with most of Scandinavia, Taiwan, and a few other countries, use a business card of 90 mm x 55 mm (3.54 x 2.165).

The standard size of business cards in China and some neighboring countries is 90 mm x 54 mm or 3.543 x 2.125 inches.

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The standard business card size in South America, Central America, and Eastern Europe is 90 mm x 50 mm (3.543 x 1.968 inches). South Africa, along with parts of the Middle East and Asia, employs this volume as well.

The country of Iran uses a standard business card size of 85 mm x 48 mm or 3.582 x 2.165 inches.

After reading our roundup of business card volumes around the world, you might be surprised to realize that we’re really no different from our international neighbours. A millimeter here or there leaves a business card with a common design and purpose. We can all appreciate the unique details that make us who we are, along with the bigger ideas we share as we navigate our global economy.

Business Card Proportions

When designing your card, determine if your printer assumes 1/8 inch overruns in your layout, then update the design dimensions accordingly (adding 1/4 inch to the total height and width). “Margins” are the area of ​​the design that is cut out after printing. To avoid any unwanted and unprofessional white space around the edge of your business card, extend your design elements beyond the trim line to the edge of the bleed area. If so, you should take this into account by adding 0.25 inches to the total length and width. When you design with, all of our business card templates automatically have a 1/8-inch overflow on all sides.

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Any significant design or text elements must be free from bleeds, or they will be cut off from the final card. In most cases, the “good spot” or “safe area” of your business card is a central rectangle measuring 3.34 x 1.84 inches (about 85 mm x 46.7 mm).

If you have design elements (such as a background color or an image) that extend to the edge of the card, they should also continue into the bleed area. Be careful with the thin edges near the bleed area as they can be cut unevenly and give an “off-center” appearance. To avoid this, thicken the tip or place it inside the safe area. Ultimately, keeping these printing guidelines in mind can ensure that your printed business card looks as great as you wanted it to be!

Remembering the correct card size is essential when you want to design a business card. With our design platform, you can simply click on a business card template with preset sizes and never worry about dimensions again. Plus, when you use a pre-made design, you don’t have to start from scratch, which simplifies your overall design process.

Dustin is lead designer and co-owner. It focuses on content creation, analytics, user experience, and everything designers do. In addition, he shares responsibility for doing whatever else the company needs. Learn all about business card sizes, styles, bleed areas, different business card designs, card formats, business card templates to use, and other best practices.

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Being outdated and surrounded by new means of promotion and networking, the popular business card has gone above and beyond and is still a staple in sharing contact information and making a good first impression.

You can create the most unique LinkedIn profile, the most attractive social media, and create the best website, but nothing beats a high-quality business card.

But, before you design one for your small business and present yourself as a reputable entrepreneur, there are some tips and criteria you need to know.

Business Card Proportions

Before going into the technical details of creating your own business card, you need to know a few things:

Everything You Need To Know About Sizes And Shapes For Metal Business Cards

It is difficult to explain how and why the commitment of different countries to different dimensions occurred. Similar to European and American clothing, business cards are also different. You’ll find dimensions in both the imperial and metric systems.

If you don’t find the country you need information about, here’s a complete sheet of business card dimensions by country.

Also, do not forget that when converting between pixels, millimeters and inches, there is a good chance that you will get decimal numbers that are difficult to round. Therefore, before final approval of your graphic design and sending business cards for printing, be sure to check with a reputable source about the correct dimensions and aspect ratio.

In addition to the business card’s size and aspect ratio, there are many small details that you might not think about before you send it out for print. Here’s what you need to check again.

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When you or your designer is working on a business card, the best format to save it is PDF. The reason for this is that working with PDF formats allows editing, sharing and collaborating on a file and increases security with digital documents. It’s also easier to edit a PDF as a non-designer than it is with Photoshop or Indesign, for example, and this will allow you to make small edits without contacting the designer.

The business card safe area is the margins around the key design elements that you need to add to ensure nothing important in the printing process is cut out and the cards are separated. On a standard US business card, safety margins are about one-eighth of an inch from the first edge. Keep logos and text safe in an area of ​​3.34 x 1.84 inches.

If your business card has a background color or elements that extend to the edges, you need to add a bleed area around the final size to avoid white streaks after you cut them. It is an eighth of an inch outside the cropping area which will ensure that your business card does not have white edges after color printing or cropping.

Business Card Proportions

As the default in printing, it is best to use the CMYK color scheme. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (or primary color). The reason we use CMYK for printing is that it covers more light color gamuts compared to using the RGB (red, green, blue) color scheme. K or key color is added to the chart because it does not cover very deep dark colors. The full color palette in CMYK has a much wider range.

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When it comes to typography, our advice isn’t about the type of font you should use, rather it’s more focused on making the text lively and editable, not checked or locked out for editing. The reason is similar to the reason you use the PDF format: you may need to edit the text in the future.

Whether you want to create a unique business card for custom print, or something traditional but off the beaten path, consider safe areas and bleed areas. Other designs you can consider are: rounded corners, square business cards, folded business cards, matte color business cards, etc. Remember that only standard sized cards fit business card holders.

If all this information can be difficult to deal with and you want a simpler and faster method, we have good news for you: There are plenty of good business card templates out there.

We have 13 free professional business card templates that you can edit easily and are pre-made with the right dimensions, aspect ratio, color schemes, safe areas, and bleed. Of course, if these 13 designs aren’t your cup of tea, you can

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