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Sales Pipeline Template – You know that a sales pipeline is essential if you want to scale your business and grow your customer base.

But if you are a startup, you may not have the money to buy new tools like CRM.

Sales Pipeline Template

Sales Pipeline Template

That said, even if you want to start with your first 10 customers, you need a way to track your prospects and offers.

Light Sales Prioritization Pipeline Flow Chart Template

Looking for a free tool to track your sales? Try a sales funnel spreadsheet template that you can use in Excel, Google Sheets, or other applications.

This way, you can organize your business as you build your first sales process and turn that million dollar idea into something tangible.

In this chapter, we’ll show you a total of 12 different templates that you can start using today, including:

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet programs, which means you probably already have it on your computer and know how to use it.

Sales Funnel Dashboard Template For Power Bi

This tried and true program is perfect for building your first sales pipeline. If you’re ready to dive in, here are 4 Excel templates you can download for free and start using today:

If you want to be able to customize your funnel spreadsheet, this template from Salesmate gives you all the instructions you need. Not only can you adjust the stages of your deal, but you can also adjust the win probability formula to create more accurate predictions.

This spreadsheet breaks deals into quarters and allows you to adjust your probability of winning based on the stage of the deal. You can also add an expected date, the sales representative working with this customer, and notes about next steps. When downloading this template, you can choose to download as an Excel spreadsheet or open it with Google Sheets and make a copy for yourself.

Sales Pipeline Template

Designed for small businesses, this template is organized into quadrants and includes all the information you need for your pipeline. You can see the status of the deal, the candidate, the next steps and the projected revenue for each quarter.

Create Sales Funnel Charts & Diagrams

Coming directly from the creators of Excel, this template fits perfectly into your favorite spreadsheet program. With three sheets, there is plenty of room to fill in the information you need. This Excel template gives you a detailed forecast and a visual forecast chart to help you see if you’re hitting your sales goals.

As another spreadsheet program that almost everyone has used at some point, Google Sheets certainly has some serious advantages when it comes to building your sales pipeline.

One of the biggest advantages is that when you use Google Sheets instead of a CRM, everything is stored online. This means you can collaborate with your teammates in real time and all information is up to date.

Another benefit of using a Google Sheets sales funnel template is that the program can be easily integrated with other tools. With Zapier, you can create automations that add information to your spreadsheet from other sources. For example, you can generate new leads in your Google Sheets when someone fills out a Typeform form on your website.

Effective Pipeline Management Sales Monitoring Of Opportunities Sales

In fact, you can make over 2,000 connections between Google Sheets and other apps in Zapier.

⭐  Better functionality: Includes a simple visual dashboard to see your open, d and won opportunities and their value

👤  Who it’s best for: small businesses that need customization and an easy visual overview of sales

Sales Pipeline Template

SalesTable is an easy and simple spreadsheet with a visual dashboard that summarizes your current sales efforts, leads and the ability to easily track their key information. You can also customize the opportunity level and stages to match your unique workflow and sales process.

Bolster Contact Management — And Your Sales Pipeline — With Notion

The dashboard in this template lets you quickly see where price is in your funnel, what your average conversion rate is, and how long a transaction takes on average. You’ll see where on average more bids are lost and the total value and expected value based on trust.

Everything a small business needs to track its progress: transaction probability, weighted forecast, pipeline stage and space to add notes. Copy this Google Doc to your drive and get started!

While Excel and Sheets are popular options, they aren’t the only programs you can use to create an easy, online sales pipeline. productivity app offers this great template for users. It includes great graphics like a progress bar, color-coded task updates, time zones for businesses with international customers, and expected dates that turn red as you scroll through. Offers are star-rated for prioritization and customizable tags for quick organization.

Free Sales Funnel Powerpoint Template makes collaboration easy and you can add visitors and subscribers to your pipeline. The only downside is that if you have more than 5 reps in your team you will have to pay for their upgraded version.

⭐  Better functionality: Kanban-based pipeline helps you see which prospects are most promising with custom tags

🚧  Requirements: Must have a Trello account (works best in Business Class, starting at $9.99 per user, per month)

Sales Pipeline Template

This Trello board template lets you add team members, assign them tasks, and organize your leads with custom labels. You can add more information to descriptions and add custom checklists for important tasks. Collaboration features in Trello help you talk to your team through feedback and discuss next steps or ideas.

Free Hubspot Sales Pipeline Analysis Dashboard Template

🚧  Requirements: You must have an Asana account (free account for less than 15 users or paid versions starting at $10.99 per user, per month)

Since Asana is a productivity-oriented app, it’s no surprise that this template is easy to use and very intuitive. But it gives you something that other native app templates don’t: predictability. In your lists, you can see all active opportunities and their estimated value, and add custom lead levels and priorities to each lead. You’ll see a value amount under each category, which helps you better predict and track what your team is doing.

For AirTable lovers, this template is very intuitive and powerful. You can easily switch views from a list to a Kanban board, a prospect calendar, or a list grouped by reps assigned to each deal. Airtable lets you open files, work with data, and add comments for your teammates. You can also customize your view by adding blocks (like plugins) with custom charts, batch updates, maps and more!

👤  Who it’s best for: Solo managers and freelancers with few offers

Sales Pipeline Management: 10 Ways To Manage Your Pipeline

While admittedly more of a to-do list than a funnel, Todoist’s template lets you add your prospects, their details, and then organize them by status. It’s a simple way to track down some clients for freelancers or professionals just starting out.

When you’re starting to grow your business, it can be difficult to justify investing in software and tools.

That’s why these sales pipeline templates are perfect for new startups just starting out. They’re easy to set up and use, great for online collaboration with teammates, and will help you organize the first deals you’ll have available.

Sales Pipeline Template

However, while using a spreadsheet sales pipeline is great at first, there is a serious downside: none of them are built to scale your business in the years to come.

Download Our Free Sales Pipeline Template For Excel

When these things start happening, you know it’s time to invest in a sales pipeline CRM that can handle all the new deals you’re making.

Your business is going to grow and the tools you use should grow with you. With a truly flexible CRM (like this one) you can’t just build your sales pipeline: you can analyze, iterate and grow your pipeline as your business grows to its full potential.

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Do you remember the last time you created a new sales offer? You were so excited to try it.

Sales Pipeline Stages: A Breakdown

But the first time you tried your new sales pitch, it seemed to fall flat.

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