Daily Time Record Form Template

Wednesday, June 7th 2017. | Sample Forms
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Daily Time Record Form Template

A Daily Time Record Form Template is a standardized document used by employees to track their work hours on a daily basis. It serves as a record of when they start and end work, the tasks they work on, and any breaks taken. This information is essential for accurate payroll, project costing, client billing, and labor law compliance.

Daily Time Record Form

Employee Name: _____________________________________ Date: _______________
Employee ID: _______________________________ Department: _________________________
Project/Task Start Time End Time Total Hours Description of Work Performed

Total Hours Worked: ___________
Lunch Break (unpaid): _____ minutes
Other Breaks (paid/unpaid): _____ minutes
Overtime Hours: ___________ (If applicable, must be approved by supervisor)
Supervisor Approval:
Supervisor Name: ______________________________________
Signature: ___________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________
Employee Acknowledgement:
I certify that the hours reported on this timesheet are accurate and complete.
Employee Signature: ___________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________

Please use a separate line for each project or task performed throughout the day.
Be sure to accurately record all start and end times.
Include a brief description of the work performed for each entry.
Submit this form to your supervisor for approval at the end of each workday/pay period.

Here’s a breakdown of what the typical template includes:

  • Employee Information: Name, employee ID, department, and the date of the time record.
  • Time Tracking Table:
    -Project/Task: Specifies which project or task the employee worked on during each time segment.
    -Start Time/End Time: Records the exact time the employee began and finished working on a particular task.
    -Total Hours: Calculates the total time spent on each task.
    -Description of Work Performed: Provides a brief summary of the work accomplished during each time segment.
  • Total Hours Worked: Sums up the total work hours for the entire day.
  • Breaks: Tracks the duration of breaks, differentiating between paid and unpaid breaks.
  • Overtime Hours: Records any hours worked beyond the standard schedule, which may be subject to overtime pay and require supervisor approval.
  • Signatures: Includes spaces for both the employee and their supervisor to sign, verifying the accuracy of the recorded hours.

Benefits of Using a Daily Time Record Form Template:

  • Accurate Payroll: Ensures employees are paid correctly for the hours worked, including overtime.
  • Project Costing: Helps businesses track labor costs associated with specific projects or tasks.
  • Client Billing: Provides detailed records for client invoicing, especially for hourly-rate projects.
  • Compliance: Demonstrates compliance with labor laws regarding work hours, breaks, and overtime.
  • Improved Time Management: Encourages employees to be more mindful of how they spend their time.

By using a Daily Time Record Form Template, businesses can streamline time tracking processes, improve accuracy, and ensure fair compensation for their employees.

Daily Time Record Form Template :

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