Employee Evaluation Form Template

Friday, June 9th 2017. | Sample Forms
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Employee Evaluation Form Template

Employee Name:
Job Title:
Evaluation Period:
Evaluator Name:
Overall Performance Rating:

(Choose one)
Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Needs Improvement

I. Job Performance
Key Responsibilities: [List the key responsibilities outlined in the employee’s job description.]
Rating Scale:
5 – Outstanding: Consistently exceeds expectations.
4 – Exceeds Expectations: Frequently exceeds expectations.
3 – Meets Expectations: Consistently meets expectations.
2 – Needs Improvement: Occasionally meets expectations.
1 – Unsatisfactory: Consistently fails to meet expectations.
Responsibility                Rating                  Comments
[Responsibility 1]
[Responsibility 2]
[Responsibility 3]
[Responsibility 4]
[Responsibility 5]

II. Skills and Competencies
Rate the employee on the following skills/competencies:
(Use the same rating scale as above)
Skill/Competency Rating Comments
Communication Skills
Problem-Solving Skills
Time Management
[Add other relevant skills]

III. Goals and Objectives
Review the employee’s progress toward previously set goals and objectives:
Goal/Objective          Status            Comments
[Goal 1]
[Goal 2]
[Goal 3]

IV. Areas for Improvement
[List specific areas where the employee can improve their performance. Be constructive and provide suggestions for development.]

V. Professional Development
What professional development opportunities would benefit this employee?
Are there any training programs or workshops that would enhance their skills?

VI. Overall Comments
Provide overall feedback on the employee’s performance, including strengths and areas for growth.

VII. Employee Comments
Provide space for the employee to share their thoughts on the evaluation, their performance, and their goals.

VIII. Goals for Next Review Period
Collaboratively set clear and measurable goals for the next review period.

IX. Signatures

  • Employee Signature:
  • Evaluator Signature:

Important Notes:

  • Adapt this template to your specific company and job requirements.
  • Be specific and provide detailed examples to support your ratings.
  • Use this evaluation as an opportunity for constructive feedback and dialogue with the employee.
  • Regularly review and update the form to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

Employee Evaluation Form Template :

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