Employee Referral Form Template

Saturday, June 10th 2017. | Sample Forms
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Employee Referral Form Template

An Employee Referral Form Template is a powerful tool used by companies to streamline their recruitment process by leveraging the networks of their existing employees. This form serves as a structured way for employees to recommend qualified individuals from their professional or personal circles for open positions within the company.

Key Components and Benefits:

  • Structured Information Gathering: The template ensures consistent collection of essential details about both the referring employee and the referred candidate, including contact information, relationship, relevant experience, and qualifications.
  • Clear Communication: It outlines the specific position being referred for, promoting transparency and alignment between the referrer, the candidate, and the hiring team.
  • Efficiency in Recruitment: By tapping into employee networks, companies gain access to a pre-vetted talent pool, often resulting in faster hiring and reduced recruitment costs.
  • Improved Candidate Quality: Referred candidates tend to be a better cultural fit, as they come with an endorsement from someone who already understands the company’s values and work environment.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Referral programs foster a sense of ownership and involvement among employees, boosting morale and encouraging active participation in the company’s growth.

Overall, an Employee Referral Form Template simplifies and optimizes the referral process, creating a win-win situation for the company, the referring employee, and the potential candidate.


[Your Company Name & Logo]

Employee Referral Program

Thank you for participating in our Employee Referral Program! We appreciate you thinking of great people to join our team. Please complete this form to refer a qualified candidate for the position of [Position Name].

Your Information

  • Your Name:
  • Your Email:
  • Your Department:
  • Your Job Title:

Referral’s Information

  • Referral’s Name:
  • Referral’s Email:
  • Referral’s Phone Number:
  • Referral’s LinkedIn Profile URL (Optional):
  • How do you know the referral? (e.g., former colleague, friend, family member):

Position Details

  • Position being referred for: [Position Name]
  • Location of the position: [City, State]
  • How did you hear about this open position? (e.g., internal job board, company website, etc.):

Referral’s Qualifications

  • Please provide a brief explanation of why you believe this person is a strong candidate for this position:
    [Provide a space for 2-3 sentences at minimum]

Resume Attachment

  • Please attach the referral’s resume to this form.

[Optional: Referral Bonus Information]

  • Briefly state the referral bonus amount and when it is awarded (e.g., after the referral has been employed for 90 days).

By submitting this form, you confirm that:

  • You have informed the referred candidate about the position and they are aware that you are recommending them.
  • You believe the referred candidate meets the minimum qualifications for the position.

Thank you again for your referral!

[Human Resources Contact Information]

Phone Number:

Employee Referral Form Template :

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