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All employees like to receive their paychecks, but a payslip to accompany the money is also essential. This Paystub Excel template provides their payment details from the pay period. Although pay stubs are not mandated by federal regulations, more than half of the states require payroll records. Eleven of those states require employers to provide a physical copy of the payslip instead of a digital one.

Payroll Check Template

Payroll Check Template

However, if you do not operate your business in one of these states. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires you to keep accurate records of hours worked and payments. In fact, the Act lists fourteen different basic records that an employer must maintain about each non-exempt employee.

Best Payroll Check Templates For Free

These records are usually the information contained on the payslip. So you still have to keep a record unless you give a copy to your employees. So the employer’s salary; You need a system to track deductions and hours worked.

This Excel payroll calculator can help simplify the record keeping process with a simple database. In addition, if you want to generate payslips, export them and give them to your employees. There is a simple way to do this.

Although Excel is primarily a spreadsheet, it also has the ability to be used as a simple database. The key to making this database employee excel template work well is these database features. Payroll then uses the SEARCH function to get the data from the database.

When you download the ZIP file for this employee database excel template; You get two different tables:

Pay Stub Template For Full Time Salaried Employees

The only difference between the two files is in the payslip template. They are almost identical in use, but one major difference sets them apart.

In PayStub Excel template with a database with a list of employee names. You create employee payslips based on the employee’s name.

In a PayStub Excel template with a database with an Employee ID table; You create them using the employee ID number.

Payroll Check Template

You will need to decide which one is most suitable for your employee database management system. Once you’ve decided, you can customize the template and use it.

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On the back of each template you will find a worksheet with instructions for use. These worksheets contain a simplified version of these written instructions.

Setup Worksheet, There are quick instructions for the Payroll Workbook and the Database Worksheet. You’ll also find some useful notes on all three; You can thus use worksheets more efficiently.

The payment template includes sample data that shows how the template works and how you can create a payment section using your own data. To create an empty model, delete the sample data.

After downloading and unpacking the template, these instructions can be quickly scanned. This will give you a better idea of ​​what to do to prepare employee payslips.

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Once you have read the user manual, you can go to the settings page. Here you can enter your data, Here you can customize topics and categories.

The payment plan covers a twelve-month period with one monthly payment. You can customize the month names and transaction dates to suit your company’s needs. The transfer date is the date your company sends the money to your employees. With direct deposit, it will usually take one to three days for the money to be deposited into your employees’ bank accounts.

In another section, You can track earnings and deductions. This database can track up to eight of them.

Payroll Check Template

In the “Salary Titles” column; You can record what you need for income and deductions. Then in the column “Salary type” Use the drop-down menu to indicate whether each separate wage item is income or deduction.

Paycheck Budgeting Printable Template Worksheet Editable Letter Size Chevron Finance Binder Budget Planner Letter Size Income

Any changes you make in the Settings form will be reflected in the Excel database and the employee payroll system.

You have the correct months, transfer dates; Once you have the salary titles and salary categories; You have completed the initial setup process. Now you can start working on the employee database.

It can be a bit overwhelming when opening a database for the first time. This form is designed to track employee pay throughout the year, so there are 12 monthly salary entry sections. There is also a section for entering the basic data of each employee. Here is an enlarged image of a portion of this extensive database.

This layout has room for 50 employees. You can add more rows, but you must do so before the last row of the database. This way the formulas are added automatically.

Sample Pay Stub Template

If you don’t need 50 rows. You can delete rows from the database. Follow the instructions in this post to add or remove rows:

Because this document is so large, it may be beneficial to freeze the panels. Locks the rows and columns you’ve selected so you’ll always see them even if you move them. Freezing fields can help speed up data entry; Because you’re not trying to remember what each cell is for or scroll back to headings.

The header row has colors to help organize and identify different parts of the database. The section in purple is for recording information about employees. Each month then rotates between turquoise and brown to easily identify the end of each and the beginning of the next.

Payroll Check Template

To make Excel spreadsheets more usable; You can deduct unused months. Above each monthly section, the Column Header Rows have a plus (+) and minus (-) sign. Click on individual groups to expand or collapse them.

Online Check Printing

Once you’ve frozen the fields and cut off the months you’re not working with, you’re ready to start entering information into the purple part of the form.

You can then go to the month group for the current month. Here, you enter all the salary and benefit numbers of your employees. The Settings page contains a column for each income and deduction you enter. If you need to make any changes to these column headers. Change them on the settings page. The changes will thus be reflected in the entire database, not only in the current month.

After entering all the data for the pay period, you can start issuing employee payslips.

Payslip is designed to be used as a payroll template, allowing you to print a personalized employee payslip for each member of your team.

Pay Stub Generator With Overtime

You’ll want to update the cell labeled “Table Page” in the upper left corner to display your company name. It can be entered directly; Or you can upload a logo.

Once you change that cell, the Payment Receipt is ready for use. This will download all the payroll information you entered for that employee and create a hidden payroll.

You will need to issue a separate payslip for each employee and print them one at a time. It’s a simple process and only requires one manual login.

Payroll Check Template

To start printing payslips, you need to know which version of the Payroll Workbook you are using.

Adp Pay Stub Copy Generator

If you are using the PayStub Excel template with a database named Employee. A drop-down arrow appears next to the Employee Name field:

Simply select the correct employee from the drop-down options and all other information about the person will be filled in automatically. Then you are ready to print this form.

Then select a new name and print another payslip. You repeat this selection and printing process for every employee in the company.

If you’re using the PayStub Excel template with a database by employee ID, you’ll see a drop-down arrow next to the Employee ID field:

Paycheck Stub 2 Worksheet Answers

You simply select the employee ID number you want to view and print the form. You can do this for every employee.

Once you have printed pay slips for each employee, you can deduct the completed month. Then when it’s time to start the payroll again, you can max out the next month.

By keeping records in this single database throughout the year; Questions about employee salaries can easily be returned. The information you need is readily available.

Payroll Check Template

Since this is an official record of the employee’s salary, you must keep the database safe. Not everyone who makes a change is what you want.

Free Hourly Wage Pay Stub Template

Ensure that unauthorized changes are not made; You may consider password protecting the document and giving access only to payroll staff. To create a protected sheet; Follow the instructions in this post:

Protecting the sheet prevents people from making changes. However, they will be able to open the file and view confidential information. Prevent unauthorized persons from opening the document; You can protect an Excel document at the file level.

Once you have the protection set up, you will.

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