Farewell Letter to Boss

Saturday, September 9th 2017. | Sample Letters
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Farewell Letter to Boss

Dear [Boss’s Name],
Please accept this letter as notification that I will be leaving my position as [Your Position] at [Company Name] on [Your Last Day].

[Choose one and personalize]:
Option 1 (New Opportunity): I have accepted a position as a [Your New Position] at [Your New Company], an opportunity I’m very excited to pursue.
Option 2 (Other Reason – be vague if needed): After careful consideration, I have decided to [pursue a different path/focus on personal goals/etc.].

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given during my time at [Company Name]. I especially appreciate [mention 1-2 specific things you’re grateful for, like mentorship, support, challenging projects, etc.].

[Optional: Add a positive memory or impact your boss had on you].

I’ve learned a great deal under your leadership, and I am grateful for the [positive skills, knowledge, experience] I gained here.

I wish you and [Company Name] all the best for continued success.


[Your Name]

Optional (If appropriate for your relationship):
Please feel free to stay in touch. You can reach me at [Your Personal Email/LinkedIn].

Leaving on a High Note: How to Write a Thoughtful Farewell Letter to Your Boss. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it involves a boss who’s played a significant role in your career journey. A well-crafted farewell letter is a gesture of respect and professionalism, leaving a lasting positive impression even as you move on.

This guide outlines how to write a sincere and impactful farewell letter to your boss:
1. Subject Line: Setting the Tone
Keep it clear and concise.
Examples: “Farewell & Best Wishes”, “Moving On From [Company Name]”, “With Gratitude – [Your Name]”.

2. Salutation & Opening:
Address your boss directly and formally (e.g., “Dear [Boss’s Name]”).
State your purpose clearly – that this is a letter of resignation and your last day of employment.

3. Expressing Gratitude:
This is the heart of your letter. Be sincere and specific about what you appreciated during your time working under their leadership:
Examples: “Thank you for the mentorship and guidance you provided”, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked on [mention project] under your leadership.”
If appropriate, mention a specific positive impact they had on your professional growth.

4. Briefly Mention Your Reason for Leaving (Optional):
You can be brief and general, especially if you’re moving to a competitor or for reasons you’d rather not disclose in detail.
Examples: “I’ve accepted a position at another company,” “I’ve decided to pursue a different career path.”
If you’re comfortable, you can share a bit more, but keep the focus positive.

5. Extend Well Wishes (For Them and the Company):
Express your hopes for their continued success and that of the company.

6. Closing & Contact Information (Optional):
End with a professional closing (“Sincerely,” “Best regards”).
If you feel comfortable and it’s appropriate for your relationship, you can include your personal contact information to stay in touch.

Additional Tips for a Memorable Farewell Letter:
Be Positive and Respectful: Avoid negativity, complaints, or criticisms of the company or colleagues.
Keep it Concise: Your boss is likely busy, so be respectful of their time and keep it to one page.
Proofread Carefully: Errors can detract from your message, so proofread for grammar and typos.
Consider a Handwritten Note: In addition to an emailed letter, a handwritten note can add a personal touch.

A farewell letter to your boss is an opportunity to express gratitude, acknowledge their impact, and leave on a high note. By following these tips, you can create a thoughtful message that leaves a positive final impression.

Farewell Letter to Boss :

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