Thank You for The Opportunity to Interview

Monday, May 1st 2017. | Sample Letters
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Thank You for The Opportunity to Interview

Beyond “Thank You”: How to Craft a Follow-Up Email That Gets You Hired

You aced the interview, nailed the questions, and felt a genuine connection with the hiring manager. Now comes a crucial step that often gets overlooked: the thank you email for the interview opportunity.

While a simple “thank you” is polite, a well-crafted follow-up email can be your secret weapon to:

  • Reinforce your qualifications: Remind them why you’re the perfect fit.
  • Address concerns: Clarify any points that might have been unclear.
  • Showcase your enthusiasm: Express your excitement about the role and company.
  • Stay top-of-mind: Keep your name in the running against other candidates.

Crafting a Thank You Email That Stands Out:

1. Subject Line That Grabs Attention:

  • “Great Speaking With You About [Position Name]”
  • “[Your Name] – Following Up on [Position Name] Interview”
  • “Thank You – [Position Name] Interview – Key Takeaways”

2. Personalized Greeting:

  • Use the hiring manager’s name.
  • Reference a specific detail from the interview to show you were engaged.

3. Express Gratitude (And Mean It!):

  • Thank them for their time and the opportunity to learn about the role.
  • Mention something specific that resonated with you during the interview.

4. Reiterate Your Value (Don’t Just Summarize Your Resume!):

  • Highlight one or two key skills or experiences that directly address their needs.
  • Quantify your achievements whenever possible to demonstrate impact.

5. Address Any Concerns (This is Your Chance to Shine!):

  • Did you stumble on a question? Briefly clarify your answer.
  • Did you forget to mention a key skill? Seamlessly weave it in.

6. Reiterate Your Enthusiasm (Let Your Passion Shine!):

  • Express your excitement about the role and company culture.
  • Mention something specific that resonates with you about their mission or values.

7. Next Steps and Call to Action:

  • Reiterate your interest in the position and your eagerness to hear from them.
  • If you haven’t heard back by a certain date, mention you’ll follow up.

8. Professional Closing and Signature:

  • Use a professional closing like “Sincerely” or “Best Regards.”
  • Include your full name, phone number, and LinkedIn profile link.

Timing is Everything:

Send your thank you email within 24 hours of your interview, while the conversation is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Going Beyond the Basics:

  • Tailor your email to each person you interviewed with.
  • Proofread carefully for any typos or grammatical errors.
  • Keep it concise and to the point, no more than 200-300 words.

A well-crafted thank you email is more than just good manners; it’s a strategic opportunity to leave a lasting impression and increase your chances of landing your dream job. Don’t miss out!

Thank You for The Opportunity to Interview :

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